Data – Data – Data – Data Analysis, the online world’s gone data mad!

What’s all this data about, what does it all mean and how can I use it in my business and marketing efforts?

The well respected Harvard Magazine (April – May 2014) reported. “There is a big data revolution,” But it is not the quantity of data that is revolutionary. “The big data revolution is that now we can do something with the data.” Weatherhead University Professor Gary King wrote.

The good news with data is that it’s not important that you understand it – more that you respect it and use it.

Data for data sake is largely worthless as are many of the reports that can be “self-generated” from various online portals.

One of iQuantum’s core and most valuable capability is that we analyze only the most relevant customer, market and industry data then provide insight and recommendations for measurable results based on that analysis.

In fact the power lies in the analysis and insight not the data itself!

Some of the Data we look at includes:-Conversion Tracking, Usability Testing, AB Testing, Google Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Heat Maps, Link Building, Webmaster Tools, Search Engine Optimization, Improvement Monitoring, PPC Campaigns,CPM Campaigns,KPI Monitoring and Reporting