As humans we tend to resist what we don’t understand – it’s very natural to do so.

However from a business perspective, resisting the fact that the digital age is here to stay brings to mind the quote from R. W. Emerson – “Change is constant growth is optional – choose wisely “

The digital / online world has created a whole bunch of acronyms, titles, and really bizarre terms.

SEO, SEM, content management, customer engagement, Google analytics (love that one), organic search results, PPC, and of course the big one – Social Media – the list is endless.

Remember the good old days of running a radio or TV advertisement or even putting an ad in the local Yellow Pages and all you had to do was answer the phone?

It wasn’t that long ago however the reality is businesses need to be far more strategic in their quest for customer acquisition and retention these days – customers demand it.

At iQuantum we understand how your customers look for products and services in today’s digital age. We use data and insight to then develop the most effective way of ensuring your business is highly visible regardless of the stage of the “buying cycle” your customers are at.

In conjunction with Chisholm Institute ( Australia’s Large Training Provider of the year – 2014 ) iQuantum offers a range of digital / online and IT education programs either in house or onsite to enable your business to harness the power of the digital age and maximize business results and profitability.