What to do when your website SUCKS!

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What to do when your website Sucks?

Phillip McCorkindale was one of my best friends growing up. Phil was turning 18 and with his parents permission he decided to throw himself an epic birthday party. We planned for weeks and when the day came we had excellent music, plenty of pizzas, drinks for guests and activities. There was only one problem, no one showed up.

I know what you’re thinking, who cares? Well, In many ways your website is like a party. You prep and plan your content, you design your site, pick the images and colors to use. And then bang, you’re live and waiting for people to show up.

But what happens when you pull a McCorkindale and no one shows up. Even with great content and a slick user interface, sometimes its difficult to attract people to the party. Your website might be attracting users, but are they sticking around? Is your content connecting and engaging? Most importantly, are those visitors converting into sales?

Your website is a growing organism and sometimes it can be hard to subjectively sit back and evaluate what is working and what isn’t. This isn’t a witch hunt, no digital strategy is perfect for all businesses. But by evaluating the 8 key areas described in Rob’s video you’ll be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses and make some subtle tweaks.


Below is a video that was recorded by Rob Lawson, CEO and Chief Digital Strategist of iQuantum. Rob has been developing custom Digital Strategies for B2B and B2C for years now and in that time he’s gotten rather good at identifying key aspects which might be holding your website back from being the best party in town. Take a look but don’t feel too panicked if any of these issues hit close to home.

– Mark Thompson
iQuantum Visual Specialist