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Do I need a website CMS?

A lot of businesses have heard about website content management system (CMS) and had platforms such as WordPress or Joomla recommended. And yes, – a CMS does provide some flexibility. It’s great to have a site where you have control over content that’s easy to navigate and use.

But! This is not the end of the story when it comes to the technology selection. Determining technology ahead of the strategy can lead to problems. You might end up with a site that doesn’t support everything you need to do and that gets outdated or expensive to run. You have to decide how big the nail needs to be before selecting the hammer.

The result of a briefing session about what kind of website you want often goes something like this:

We just want a simple website, clean design a bit like Do you want it to rank – yes of course we need to be No 1 on Google. Do you want it to have a shopping cart, yes of course our biggest competitor sells 50% of it’s sales online … and this goes on and on. Then you find out the price is now around tens of thousands more than you thought, because it has to integrate with your inventory system, the freight tracking system, and your social media management system (which you don’t have yet). Oh yes, and it has to work on mobile devices and old versions of browsers (or does it – have you measured analytics to see where your traffic is coming from?) – add some more $$$$$$ for responsive design. Or perhaps you need a mobile app in both Apple and Android …

You’ve got to take the time and ensure your technology choices are right for your business goals. You might not need a full scale website right now, perhaps you need a landing page for an advertising campaign, or a Microsite for a new initiative or you’re a start up and you need a small website that you can scale over time.

The next generation of websites will be integrated and responsive. They’ll provide a tailored experience to visitors based on their past behavior including purchases.

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